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Q.What are the differences among the output jack A(MIX), B, C, D and other output jacks ?

A.In the standard setting, all the sound including the effect sound of the Reverb, Chorus (Delay) and MFX comes out from the output jack A only and from no other jacks. This is why the A jack has the "(MIX)" indication.

Of course, you can set up the output to the B and/or other jacks in each stage of the sound modification of the Tone, the Patch and the Performance (Part). The same output assignment will be applied for the effect sound.

The Phone jack is connected to the Output A (MIX). This means you cannot hear the sound that goes to other outputs other than Output A with a headphone when the System Parameter "Mix/Parallel" is set to PARALLEL. If you would like to monitor all sounds with a headphone, set the System Parameter "Mix/Parallel" to MIX.


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