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Q.Why does the sound get cutoff for a moment when I select a new Patch ? Is there any way to solve this problem?

A.The XP series exchanges a vast amount of data when changing to a new Patch, this may cause the sound to be cutoff for a moment.

The MFX (Multi Effect) processor may have something to do with it as well. You can get various types of sound effects using MFX processor, each of which can be saved with a Patch. When you change the Patches, the MFX also changes accordingly.

The XV series may mute the sound purposely during Patch selection in order to prevent any unexpected sound from the previous MFX setting that is so much different from the new one.

Set "Patch Remain" of the System Parameter settings to "ON" in order to keep the sound playing during a Patch change, specifically when the Patches do NOT go through the MFX processor or the Patches share the same MFX Effect.


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