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Q.Sometimes I cannot get the pitch to bend during legato style playing on the keyboard. Could you tell me why this happens?

A.The pitch of a note may not raise fully to the pitch of the next note when you play a higher note while still holding the first key played. This sometimes happens when you turn Legato ON, and Legato Retrigger OFF. This is because the pitch stays at the high end of the bend range of the first note, even while playing a second note that is pitched higher.

In case of Patches using multiple tones with different bend ranges for each tone, the result may sound polyphonic rather than monophonic (as if you were playing more than one note.) If you would like the pitch to change drastically in legato mode, set the Legato Retrigger to "ON."

Some User Patches, e. g. "018 Legato Bamboo", "084 Solo SoprSax", set the "Legato Retrigger" to OFF, in order to achieve realistic expression during Legato playing.


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