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128-Voice Expandable Synthesizer/Sample Playback Module

Q.During playback, one of my sequenced parts will not sound. I tried to select a Patch and even sent a Program Change, but still no sound comes out. Why?

A.If the XP series receives an invalid Bank Select from a song file during playback, the part will not sound. It happens whenever the XV series receives invalid Bank Select numbers.

It is of no use to send just a Program Change without also sending a valid Bank Select message. The XV series will search for the patch in the invalid bank, which results in no sound. Therefore, send the valid Bank Select message again, or select the desired Patch from the front panel of the unit.

To make sure you get the correct Patch, first send bank select MSB, then bank select LSB, then send your program change message.

Refer to the included map to get your bank select and program change values.

XV series Tone and Bank Select Table
XV series SR-JV80/SRX series, Tones and Bank Select Map


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