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64-Voice Synthesizer Module

Q.Sometimes I hear a distorted noise which sounds like a scratch coming out from the headphone or the line out when I play several tones at a time. Can I get rid of this noise ?

A.The XV-5050/Fantom/XV-2020 are designed so that one patch can employ up to 8 waveforms and 64 voices can be played simultaneously. There are several volume stages within a Patch. If all of those are set to a maximum level, and the full 64 voices are being played simultaneously, the inner arithmetic circuit will go beyond its ability, resulting in a distorted noise due to overloaded operation of the system.

The Factory Preset Patches use moderate rather than extreme volume settings so that adequate total volume level can be achieved under normal use.

We recommend decreasing the value of volume related parameters such as the WAVE GAIN under Patch:WG (WAVE) or the LEVEL setting under Patch: Common if you are experiencing this problem.


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