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64-Voice Synthesizer Module

Q.: Is it possible to set the Patch: Chorus and Reverb send levels regardless of whether or not the Multi Effect (MFX) is used ?

A.The send level for the Chorus and the Reverb can be set respectively in two values, one for when the MFX effect is in use, and another for when it is not.

Each Patch, in Patch Mode, or Part in the Performance has an independent send level for both Chorus and Reverb. By adjusting these levels in the Patch/Performance Effects General page, the overall amount of Chorus and Reverb can be adjusted independently.

Note: In the case where the MFX Effect is in use, there are independent sends from the MFX processor to the Reverb and Chorus processors. You may need to adjust these send levels to achieve to the desired levels.

For the XV-2020 and XV-5050, use the XV EDITOR. Click on the DETAIL button on the PATCH:TVA part of the screen. Use the sliders to adjust the Chorus and Reverb send levels for each Tone.


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