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64-Voice Synthesizer Module

Q.What will happen if I lose power during tone editing ? Also, what will happen to my edited patch if I select a different one?

A.It will disappear. If you want to retain the contents of an edited patch, be sure to finish the Write process before you turn off the power or before you select a different Patch.

The XV series and Fantom has a "TEMPORARY AREA" in which the Patches, Performances, and Rhythm Sets are temporarily stored while editing. Since it is temporary, all settings and edit changes to the Patches through operations on the front panel or received via MIDI, will be lost unless they are saved.

When you change the tone, the previous tone data will be replaced and discarded. This will also happen when you turn off the power. The Write operation will save the edited data into the USER AREA, where the data will NOT disappear even when you turn off the power.


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