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Q.How can I change Patches, Performances or Rhythm Kits remotely from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer ?

A.The Patches, Performances and Rhythm Kits can be changed by sending Control Change and Program Change MIDI messages. The specific messages are: Control Change No.0 (also known as Bank Select MSB), Control Change No.32 (also known as Bank Select LSB) and, finally, the Program Change itself.

MIDI messages are limited to values ranging from 0 to 127 (or 1 to 128 depending on the product or software being used) The XV series products come with more than 128 tones, so using only Program Change messages would limit access to a maximum of 128 tones.

In order to access all of the many hundreds of Patches available in a fully expanded XV product you must use a combination of Bank Select messages and Program Change messages. The first message to be sent is a Group (Bank) message. Each group can contain 128 Patches. This first message consists of Control Change No.0 / Bank Select MSB plus Control Change No.32 / Bank Select LSB. Following this message, an individual Patch is selected by sending a Program Change message. This last message determines the Patch you choose within the specified bank.

Please note that these messages are common to all XV series. This procedure can be applied to both the SR-JV80 series and the SRX series expansion boards.


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