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64-voice Expandable synthesizer module

Q.The sound comes out from the other side when the Panpot is set to full one side. What causes this to happen?

A.Below are two conditions that may cause this problem.

1. Panpot is set to the opposite direction at either the Performance Part, Patch Common or Tone level.

There are three stages for the Panpot setting in the XV series, namely the Performance Part,, Patch Common and Tone. Each setting is eventually summed up. For instance, you set the Panpot of a Patch to full right. In the Performance mode, when you include that Patch in one of the Parts, the sound comes out the right side even when the Panpot of the Performance Part is set to the center.

2. The affected sound can be heard from the other position.

The XV series effects processors are stereo processors, so the effected sound is always set to the center. When a sound is sent through the Reverb effect with a specific Panpot setting, the raw (dry) sound is heard according to the Panpot setting while the Reverb (wet) sound comes out in the center.


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