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Virtual Sound Canvas Multi Pack

Q.The sound of the software synthesizer is distorted even though I don't turn up the volume very high. Why is this?


You may hear interruption or pop noises in the sound if the audio buffer of your host application is insufficient, or if a heavy processing load is being placed on your computer. If the interruption occurs at very short intervals, this may sound like noise.

Try to increase the buffer size of your host application or the buffer size of your sound card.

The procedure for changing the audio buffer size will depend on the host application or sound card you are using. For details, refer to the owner's manual for your application software or sound card.

Try running fewer simultaneous applications in order to reduce the total processing load on your computer.

  • Close programs that are running in the background (such as a task scheduler or anti-virus program).
  • Close network or communication-related software. If possible, close your LAN or dial-up connection during recording or playback.
  • Turn off your screen saver.


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