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Virtual Sound Canvas Multi Pack

Q.Why the VSTi version of VSC is not compatible with the Logic series?

A.Since the Logic Audio series does not fully support the Automation functionality that is an important factor for VST plug-ins, control change messages included in SMF song data are sometimes not processed as expected during playback. We have acknowledged the following problems so far.

  • Reverb Send Level (CC#91) changes the sound settings of the part.
  • You cannot set Volume (CC#7) and Pan (CC#10) for each part.
Since these problems occur during data playback, we announced the VST versions of Roland's VSC and HQ-QT software synthesizers are incompatible with the Logic series. We have found that the above-mentioned problems have happened due to Logic's plug-in specifications.

Even if you are using Logic, these software synthesizers will work correctly as a sound module so long as you do not use control change messages or the automation functionality.


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