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Q.I've used my VS- / BR-series recorder to create an audio CD of one of my songs. Can I write additional songs to this disc? Once I have multiple songs on a disc, can I delete only a single song?

A.The VS- and BR-series recorders offer two methods for creating an audio CD: "Disc At Once" and "Track At Once." The method chosen and the disc's finalization status determine whether additional songs can be written to the disc.

If you used the Track At Once method and did not finalize the disc, you can add more songs up to the disc's capacity. To be able to play the disc on a standard CD player, you'll need to finalize the disc (unfinalized discs can only be played on a VS- or BR-series unit). Once a disc is finalized, no more songs can be written to it. If you try to write additional songs to a finalized CD-R disc, an error message will be displayed.

If you used the Disc At Once method, no new data can be written to the disc (regardless of its finalization status).

Once data is written to a CD-R disc, it cannot be erased. CD-RW discs, on the other hand, can be reused. However, you cannot delete individual songs from a CD-RW disc; if you wish to reuse the disc, you must erase all the data currently on it.


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