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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.What are the main differences between the VP-550 and the VC-2?

A.The VP-550 is designed to produce the acoustic sounds of a chorus of professional singers simply by singing into a mic on stage. (This section of the instrument is called "Vocal Designer.")

There's also an "Ensemble" part that allows you to supplement the chorus produced by the Vocal Designer by adding strings or other sounds to make the chorus even richer. Each sound has a dedicated front-panel button so you can quickly switch sounds during a performance.

The VC-2 provides a rich array of sound editing functions, allowing you to adjust the parameters that modify the voice processing. By selecting an algorithm, you can also use the VC-2 as a synthesizer that's specialized for vocal sounds. For example, you can play the internal high-quality vocal sounds from the keyboard, without the mic input that’s required by a vocoder such as the VP-550.


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