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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.What kinds of vocal chorus sounds can I create with the VP-550?

A.The VP-550 is particularly suited to creating beautifully transparent-sounding vocal choruses.

For example, in the VP-550 Vocal Designer, select the POP sound and turn down the DIRECT slider so that only the vocal chorus is heard. Then, play the chorus part on the keyboard (i.e., play the keyboard with the notes of the chorus part) while you sing into a mic connected to the VP-550. This will produce a natural and beautiful vocal chorus that follows any lyrics or vocalizations that you sing.

Even if the pitch of your voice is slightly unsteady, the vocal chorus sounds will be heard at precise pitches according to the notes you play on the keyboard. If you are a male, you can produce a beautiful female chorus simply by playing higher on the keyboard. Conversely, a female can produce a male chorus sound by playing lower on the keyboard.

Note: For details on settings and use, refer to the related FAQ:
I understand that using the VP-550's Vocal Designer will allow me to "play like I'm singing." How I can do this?

Suggested VP-550 Vocal Designer settings for creating popular vocal chorus sounds:

  • Bee Gees (Vocal Designer POP sound)
  • Carpenters (Vocal Designer POP sound)
  • Hymns (church choir) (Vocal Designer CLASSIC and MALE & FEMALE sounds)
  • Gospel (Vocal Designer GOSPEL sound)


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