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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.How does the VP-550's "Vocal Designer" differ from conventional vocoders?

A.Because of technological limitations, conventional vocoders of the past could only create artificial, "robot-like" voices. Musicians primarily used the vocoder as an "effects processor" for voice modification. The VP-550 functions much like a traditional vocoder. However, it incorporates the all-new "Vocal Designer," which uses cutting-edge human vocal modeling technology to create extremely realistic simulations of vocal chorus sounds, from small pop combos to gospel and classical choirs. (Of course, the VP-550 can also create the traditional "robot voice" vocoder sounds as well.)

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In addition, the VP-550 contains an "Ensemble" section that allows you to blend PCM samples with the Vocal Designer to make the vocal sound more rich and full. This is particularly effective for live performances. For more about how Vocal Designer works, refer to FAQ:
What is the VP-550's Vocal Designer?


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