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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.How can I add a backing chorus to my vocal using the VP-550?

A.Here's how you can use the VP-550 to add a backing chorus to your voice.

Make settings as described in the following procedure:

  1. Select GOSPEL in the VOCAL DESIGNER section.

    GOSPEL has a nice amount of irregularity in its sound, so it works well for a rich backing chorus. If you want a transparent sound--or if you want the lyrics to be clear--CLASSIC is a good alternative. For songs with rapid passages, try POP, which has less irregularity and a fast attack.

    Use whichever sound you think is the best match for the style of song you're playing.

  2. While vocalizing into the mic and playing the keyboard, adjust the DIRECT slider.

    The DIRECT slider controls the volume of your real voice. You'll probably want to adjust the DIRECT slider to a low setting (2 or 3) so that the overall volume balance is appropriate.

  3. Perform.
    Sing one of your favorite songs into the mic and play the appropriate chord progression on the keyboard at the points where you want to add a backing chorus. Vocal Designer will add a backing chorus to your singing according to the chords you play.


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