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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.How can I create a gospel chorus performance using the VP-550?

A.In the case of gospel-type songs, choose GOSPEL in the Vocal Designer section and HUMMING in the Ensemble section. GOSPEL is a distinctive chorus sound with an upward "swoop" at the beginning of each note. It blends well with HUMMING, which has a softer initial attack.

Use the following procedure to make settings:

  1. Connect an expression pedal (BOSS EV-5) to the VP-550.
    (The expression pedal allows you to control the HUMMING volume and expression with your foot.)

  2. Choose GOSPEL and HUMMING.

  3. Move the expression pedal toward the heel position, nearly all the way back.

    The HUMMING sound will shift through the range of "Mmh" → "Ooh" → "Aah" as you advance the expression pedal. However, the combination of the "Mmh" sound (when the pedal is near the heel position) is particularly nice with GOSPEL. Most of the time, you'll use "Mmh" without advancing the pedal, and then advance the pedal only for climactic points in your song.

  4. For ambience, apply an appropriate amount of HALL 1.

    (If you want a lighter reverb, STUDIO is also a good choice.)

  5. Perform. Use your voice (via the mic) to control the volume.
    For a backing chorus in a funky rhythm, hold down a chord on the keyboard and use your voice to mark the rhythm. You'll also want to use the pitch bend lever aggressively.

You can select a bass sound in the Bass & Percussion part and use your left hand to play the bass line and your right hand to play the melody and chords. In this way, you'll be able to perform as an acappella group (unaccompanied choir) using only the VP-550 and your own voice.


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