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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.How can I create a large classical choir performance using the VP-550?

A.If you want to create a large choir suitable for performing classical music, the Vocal Designer tone called CLASSIC is a good choice. CLASSIC has a broad usable key range and also reproduces the lyrics clearly, making it suitable for a wide variety of styles. If you want a richer sound, the mixed choir MALE & FEMALE sound may work better.

Make settings as described in the following procedure:

  1. Connect a mic to the VP-550 and adjust the input level.
    (Refer to "Connecting Your Mic" and "Adjusting the Mic Input Level" in the Owner's Manual.)

  2. Choose CLASSIC in the VOCAL DESIGNER section and MIXED CHORUS in the ENSEMBLE section.

  3. While vocalizing into the mic and playing the keyboard, adjust the Ensemble LEVEL to a low setting (2 or 3).
    In addition to giving the sound more richness, the Ensemble part will also help to fill up gaps that occur in the Vocal Designer sound when you take a breath.

  4. For ambience, apply HALL 1 as desired.
    HALL 1 simulates the reverberation of a church. In the case of classical music, you’ll often want to apply a deep reverb, so turn the knob clockwise to increase the ambience. (If you want even deeper reverberation, choose HALL 2 instead.)

  5. Perform, remembering to use your voice (via the mic) to apply expression.

To obtain an even richer sound than the CLASSIC and MIXED CHORUS blend, we recommend the combination of MALE & FEMALE and STRINGS 1. (In this combination, we suggest that you press the "8va" button so it lights to raise the MALE & FEMALE pitch by one octave.)


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