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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.What can I do when I connect a hold pedal (damper pedal or foot switch) or expression pedal to the VP-550?

A.The VP-550 is compatible with optional hold pedals (DP-series, BOSS FS-5U or equivalent) and expression pedals (BOSS EV-5). (Hold and expression pedals are sold separately.)

---You can use a hold pedal to sustain (hold) the notes.

Even if you're vocalizing into the mic, Vocal Designer will not produce sound unless you're holding down a note on the keyboard. However, by pressing the hold pedal at the appropriate moment before releasing a keyboard note, Vocal Designer will continue to sound.

---You can use an expression pedal to add expression to the performance of the Ensemble part.

The expression pedal will adjust not only the volume of the Ensemble part, but also vary its tonal character.

If you select HUMMING for the Ensemble part, it will be particularly easy to notice this tonal change.

As you advance the pedal, the tonal character will change through the range of "Mmh" → "Ooh" → "Aah"

When using STRINGS 1, operating the expression pedal will also dynamically vary the tonal character.

  • You can create even more expressive performances by using the Ensemble part and an expression pedal in conjunction with Vocal Designer.
  • The depth of the effect will vary depending on the sound you choose.


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