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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.I understand that the VP-550's Voice Expression function varies the tone of the Ensemble part according to the volume of my voice, but how does the tone actually change?


The VP-550's Ensemble part utilizes high-quality PCM sounds (digitally sampled sounds) that can be played from the keyboard. In addition, the Voice Expression function allows you to add expression via a mic connected to the VP-550.

When playing the Ensemble part, you can use the mic to add expression by varying the loudness of your voice. In this way, the dynamics of your voice will determine how the tone and volume of the Ensemble part changes while you play.

For example, select HUMMING for the Ensemble part and press the VOICE EXPRESSION button so it lights. Then, vocalize into the mic while you hold down notes on the keyboard. Now, vary the loudness of your voice from quiet to loud. In addition to a volume change, you'll hear the tonal character of the humming change as follows:

"Mmh" → "Ooh" → "Aah"
When you use the Ensemble part and Voice Expression together with the Vocal Designer, you can create incredibly expressive performances.

The amount of effect will vary depending on the Ensemble sound you're using.


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