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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.The VP-550 doesn't include a microphone. What type of mic do you recommend for use with the VP-550?


A mic is indispensable when performing with the VP-550.

The VP-550 models vocal sounds using a voice that is input via a mic. Using a high-quality mic will produce correspondingly high sound quality.

  • In order to take advantage of all of the VP-550's functionality, use a balanced mic (equipped with an XLR connector) and connect it to the VP-550's rear panel MIC (XLR) jack.
  • The VP-550's Vocal Designer varies its output volume according to the loudness of your voice that is input via the mic. The secret to keeping a stable volume is to keep a consistent distance between the mic and your mouth. If you perform live on stage and move around a lot, we recommend that you use a headset-type mic. This will ensure that the mic will always stay at a constant distance from your mouth. (Unfortunately, headset-types mics are not available from Roland).

Here are four recommended microphone models:

Roland DR-50

This is a dynamic mic with a wide-range low-noise design, and a hypercardioid pattern for excellent directionality. It provides high-quality pickup for recording, PA use, or stage performances.

Roland DR-30

This is a cost-effective dynamic mic with a rich and wellbalanced tone. A switch is integrated for your convenience, making this an ideal choice for a wide range of situations.

audio-technica HYP-190H

This mic uses a high-sensitivity neodymium magnet and a hypercardioid pattern that is resistant to feedback and environmental noise, making it a headset mic that rivals conventional vocal mics in quality. It's compact and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for extended use. The back-supported design fits securely to your head with minimal slippage. This is the perfect vocal mic for a keyboardist.


A cardioid response pattern makes this dynamic mic resistant to feedback and environmental noise. You can freely adjust the headband and gooseneck to the ideal mic position. The lightweight design is comfortable to wear, and is ideal for the keyboardist.
Also available in a wireless compatible model (WH20TQG).


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