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Q.What is the VP-550's Vocal Designer?


The VP-550 is not a conventional synthesizer equipped with a sound generator that simply plays a sampled vocal sound when you play the keyboard. It contains an advanced vocoder function called "Vocal Designer" that allows you to create realistic vocal chorus sounds in real time from a microphone input.

An overview of Vocal Designer

The VP-550's Vocal Designer consists of many presets that simulate the characteristics of various popular vocal chorus sounds. (In vocoder terminology, this sound is referred to as the "carrier.")

When you select a preset and sing lyrics into a mic connected to the VP-550, the sound produced will reflect the lyrics you sing and the notes you play on the VP-550's keyboard. This allows you to create professional-sounding vocal chorus sounds that provide backing for your singing. The voicing of the vocal harmony is determined by the notes you play on the keyboard.

  • Performing with Vocal Designer
    Unlike a conventional synthesizer, the VP-550's Vocal Designer section won't produce sound if you simply play the keyboard. Sound will only be produced when you vocalize into a mic connected to the VP-550 while you play the keyboard. (Don't worry if your vocal pitch is off a bit---the Vocal Designer sound will follow the pitch of the notes played on the keyboard.)
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  • Vocal Designer's sounds
    The sounds provided by the Vocal Designer are "real human voices" ranging from funky gospel vocals to the backing choruses heard in pop or rock bands.

  • Playing the keyboard with Vocal Designer
    By holding down notes on the keyboard while you sing, you can specify the pitches of the chorus vocals in real time.

  • Why lyrics can be heard from the generated vocal sounds
    The VP-550 analyzes the vocal "formants" (regions of frequency emphasis that differentiate vowel sounds) and uses this information to modulate the "human voices" coming out of the sound generator. This means that the sounds generated by Vocal Designer will be "singing" the same lyrics that you sing.
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