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Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

Q.What can I do using the VP-550?


The VP-550 is a unique electronic instrument that features a "Vocal Designer" function that allows you to freely create realistic "human singing voices" in real time.

Vocal Designer uses the sound captured from a connected mic to create non-pitched sound elements (such as words, vocalizations, and rhythm) while the pitch is determined by the notes you play on the keyboard.
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This allows you to create unique performances as follows:

  1. Transform your singing voice into a professional gospel choir or pop chorus.

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  2. Create majestic sounds by layering string sounds with the vocal chorus sounds described above.

  3. Use your voice to create classic vocoder sounds.
    (Some famous songs that use vocoder sounds include "TOKIO" by Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra, and "Trans Europe Express" by Kraftwerk.)
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