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Q.I have a TD-10 set and I’m thinking of replacing the TD-10 sound module with the TD-20. Can the TD-10 set’s pads and cymbals be used with the TD-20?

A.All of the pads and cymbals in the TD-10 set have the required trigger-type setting to be used with the TD-20.

For certain pads and the hi-hat, however, we would recommend using the new models in order to achieve the highest-quality performance. Please refer to the following table for recommendations.

In the case that the sound module in the TD-10 set
is replaced with the TD-20.
KICKKD-120FULLY compatible
(The new PD-125BK will give you more tonal change
when playing a rim-shot, and more stable cross-stick playing.)
TOM1, 2PD-100YES
(The new PD-105BK will respond to the rim shot.)
TOM3, 4PD-120YES
(The new PD-125BK will give you a wider tonal change
when playing a rim shot.)
RIDECY-15RFULLY compatible
CRASH1, 2CY-14CFULLY compatible
(The new VH-12 will give you simulated acoustic hi-hat playing feel
and expressiveness.)


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