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Q.Can I use the VH-12 with TD-series sound modules other than the TD-20?


The VH-12 is only compatible with the TD-20. ・・・

Q.I have a TD-10 set and I’m thinking of replacing the TD-10 sound module with the TD-20. Can the TD-10 set’s pads and cymbals be used with the TD-20?


All of the pads and cymbals in the TD-10 set have the required ・・・

Q.Which sound modules are compatible with the VH-11 / VH-12 / FD-8 / FD-7?


The following table shows the compatibility of the VH-11 / ・・・

Q.Which drum playing techniques can I use with the VH-12 that can't be done with the VH-11?


The VH-12 allows you to vary the tone of the closed hi-hat ・・・

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