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24-bit Multiple Effects Processor

Q.Can I control the VF-1's effect parameters from an external MIDI controller?

A.Yes. The VF-1's parameters can be controlled from an external MIDI device sending MIDI Control Change (CC) messages (1-31 and 64-95). CC assignments for specific parameters are made with the VF-1's Control Assign function. VF-1 patches can be selected remotely using MIDI Program Change messages (0-127) and Bank Select messages (CC# 0, 32). The Roland FC-200 MIDI Controller provides these functions, and is an excellent companion to the VF-1.

Additionally, you can connect an expression pedal (such as the Roland EV-5) or foot switches (Roland FS-5U or FS-5L) to the VF-1's EXT PEDAL/CTL 1,2 jack and use them to control VF-1 parameters specified using the Control Assign function.


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