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24-bit Multiple Effects Processor

Q.Can I use the BOSS CS-3 on a vocal mic to prevent an input overload on my mixer or recorder?

A.The CS-3 is a compressor designed for guitar. Its intended purpose is to keep the signal at a steady level by reducing loud signals and boosting soft signals. Depending on the settings, it can be used to "even out" the guitar sound or increase the guitar's sustain.

Automatic input overload protection requires the use of a "limiter." A limiter works by reducing the level of signals that pass a certain threshold, thus preventing input overload on the next device in the signal chain. Signals that don't pass the threshold remain unprocessed.

The CS-3 is not suitable for input limiting, and is not recommended for this application. For the best results, use a unit that has a limiter effect, such as the BOSS VF-1 Multiple Effects Processor. If you're using a BOSS BR-series or Roland VS-series recorder equipped with built-in effects, use the limiter effect in these units to prevent an input overload on your mic channel (or channels).


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