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24-bit Multiple Effects Processor

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Q.I'd like to use the VF-1's "2CH RSS" algorithm to position the sound image in a three-dimensional space around the listener. How can I do this?


The VF-1's "2CH RSS" algorithm is an effect that creates a ・・・

Q.On the VF-1, can I preserve the lingering reverb and/or delay "tails" when switching patches?


When a new patch is selected on the VF-1, any audio that is ・・・

Q.Can I use the BOSS CS-3 on a vocal mic to prevent an input overload on my mixer or recorder?


The CS-3 is a compressor designed for guitar. ・・・

Q.Can I control the VF-1's effect parameters from an external MIDI controller?


Yes. The VF-1's parameters can be controlled from an external ・・・

Q.Can I use the BOSS FC-50 to switch the VF-1's effects on/off?


Yes, you can. However, you'll need to add a control switch ・・・

Q.Is the VF-1 equipped with a guitar tuner?


Yes. The VF-1 is equipped with a built-in chromatic tuner, ・・・

Q.Can I use MIDI System Exclusive or Control Change messages to bypass the VF-1 (EFFECTS ON/OFF)?


Using the VF-1's Control Assign function, you can set EFFECTS ・・・

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