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D-50 for V-Synth/VariOS

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Q.Does the VC-1-equipped V-Synth reproduce the D-50 better than the original in terms of sound quality and real-time operation?


Yes, it does. The sound quality has been refined considerably ・・・

Q.Can I emulate the Joy Stick control of the D-50 with the VC-1-equipped V-Synth?


The VC-1-equipped V-Synth’s Time-Trip pad functions as a ・・・

Q.Are all the parameters of the original D-50 sound generator reproduced in the VC-1?


Yes, all parameters of the D-50’s sound generator are ・・・

Q.What kind of synthesizer is the D-50?


The D-50 was Roland’s first all-digital synthesizer equipped ・・・

Q.Can I use my custom patches (tones) created with the original D-50 with the VC-1?


Yes, you can. Connect the VC-1–equipped V-Synth to the D-50 ・・・

Q.Can I use the original D-50’s memory (M-256E) and patch cards (PN-D50-01 – PN-D50-04) with a VC-1-equipped V-Synth?


No. These cards are incompatible with the V-Synth. However, ・・・

Q.Does the VC-1 contain the D-50’s famous “Fantasia” and “Digital Native Dance” patches? What other original D-50 patches are reproduced in the VC-1?


The VC-1 contains all of the D-50’s original preset patches, ・・・

Q.Do the V-Synth’s D-beam and front-panel knobs work when using the VC-1?


Yes, they work. When using the VC-1, the D-beam and all other ・・・

Q.What is the V-Card?


The V-Card is a PC card that contains a system program ・・・

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