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Open System Module

Q.The demo song disappeared from the VariOS when I retrieve the factory preset. Can I get it again ?

A.Since the demo song inside the VariOS is saved in the internal flash ROM of the VariOS, it will not play back correctly if you format the internal flash ROM of the VariOS or if you delete the demo song data. Reload the demo song using the following procedure. If you execute this procedure, all user data will be erased from the internal flash ROM. Please save the user data again on a PC card before you proceed.

  1. Start up your computer, and insert the CD-ROM that was included with the VariOS. If your computer does not contain the VariOS driver, you must first install the VariOS driver as described in "Installation" in the Owner's Manual.

  2. Use a USB cable to connect the VariOS to your computer, and power up the VariOS.

  3. Windows:
    Using Explorer, copy the "VariOS_DemoSong" (located within the "BackUp" folder of the CD-ROM) into the removable disk (the mounted VariOS drive).
    When the copy is finished, double-click the "remove" icon in the task tray, and click the item that represents the VariOS drive (this will vary depending on your version of Windows) to unmount the drive.

    Windows XP, 2000 --- USB high-capacity storage device
    Windows Me --- USB disk

    Use the mouse to drag the "VariOS_DemoSong" (located within the "BackUp" folder of the
    CD-ROM in the Finder), and copy it into the "VARIOS_DRV" disk (the mounted VariOS drive) in the Finder.
    When the copy is finished, drag the "VARIOS_DRV" (the VariOS drive) from the desktop into the recycling bin.
    Alternatively, you can click VARIOS_DRV on your desktop, and execute Unmount from the Special menu (shortcut [ Apple key] + [E]).

  4. Press the [MENU] button of the VariOS so it's lighted, and the Menu screen is displayed.
    ·Initially, the Menu screen will show the most recently selected menu. Hold down the [MENU] button for a time or press the [EXIT] button to move to the top-level menu.

  5. Turn the [VALUE] knob to select "MENU8 DISK," and then press the [VALUE] knob.

  6. Turn the [VALUE] knob to select "Menu8-5 Format," and then press the [VALUE] knob.

  7. When "Select Media" appears, choose "Flash ROM" and press the [VALUE] knob.

  8. A message of "Are You Sure? Format OK?" will ask you for confirmation.
    Press the [VALUE] knob once again to execute formatting.
    If you press the [EXIT] button you will return to the previous screen.
    During formatting, the display will indicate "Now Processing..." When formatting is finished, the display will indicate "Completed!"


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