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Open System Module

Q.How can I play back the demo song of the VariOS ?

A.To play back the demo song, follow the procedure in the next.

  1. Hold down the [EXIT] button and press the [(CURSOR)] button.
    The demo play screen will appear.

  2. Press the [VALUE] dial ([ENTER]) to start playback.

  3. Turn the [PITCH]/[TIME]/[FORMANT] knobs to adjust these parameters.

  4. Press the [ENTER] button to stop playback.
    If you press the [EXIT] button, you're returned to the demo play screen.

  • In addition to the VariOS demo song described here, you can also listen to V-Producer demo songs.
  • Since the demo song is stored in internal memory, it will not play if you have deleted the demo song data from internal memory. In this case, refer to the other Q&A about "Reloading the internal demo song into the VariOS".
  • Use of the song data supplied with this product for any purpose other than private, personal enjoyment without the permission of the copyright holder is prohibited by law. Additionally, this data must not be copied, nor used in a secondary copyrighted work without the permission of the copyright holder.


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