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Open System Module

Q.How can I restore the factory settings of the VariOS ?


  1. Press the [MENU] button so it's lighted. The MENU screen will appear.
    · Initially, the MENU screen will show the most recently selected menu. You need to go to the top level menu. You can get there by pressing and continuing to hold the [MENU] button for a few moments (when the [MENU] button is not illuminated), or by pressing the [EXIT] button.

  2. Turn the [VALUE] knob to select "Menu 6 Utility," and press the [VALUE] knob.

  3. Turn the [VALUE] knob to select "Menu 6-4 Factory Reset," and press the [VALUE] knob.

  4. The display will ask "Factory Reset OK?," so press the [VALUE] knob.
    · If you press the [EXIT] button, the Factory Reset operation will be cancelled.
    · This operation will not restore the internal demo song of the VariOS.
    Please read other Q&A for "Reloading the VariOS internal demo song".


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