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Synthesizer Keyboard

Q.How do I play the demo songs on the V-Synth?

A.The V-Synth contains demonstration ("demo") songs that you can listen to using the V-Synth's Demo Play feature. To listen to the Demo Songs, use the following procedure:

1. Hold down [SHIFT] and press [MODE].

The following screen will be displayed:

2. Touch EXECUTE to load the demo song data.
The DEMO Play screen will appear, and you will enter Demo Play mode.

3. Use the Touch Screen to select the song that you wish to hear.

4. Touch PLAY to start demo song playback.
After a demo song has played all the way to the end, the unit automatically returns to the start of the song and playback is repeated. To interrupt playback, touch .

Note: When the demo plays, it sends out no MIDI data from the V-Synth's MIDI OUT connector.

5. To exit Demo Play mode, touch EXIT.
The following screen will be displayed:

6. Touch EXECUTE, and you'll be returned to the PATCH PLAY screen.

CAUTION: If you enter Demo Play mode without saving any edited data that has not previously been saved, all of this data will be lost. If you want to keep your data, you must save it to internal memory or on a PC card, or transmit it to an external MIDI device.


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