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Synthesizer Keyboard

Q.What is the structure of each oscillator of the V-Synth?

A.The V-Synth's structure as a sound module consists of OSC1, OSC2, MODULATION, COSM1, COSM2, and TVA. You can choose from three types: analog, PCM, and external input. Since the oscillators have four independent envelopes, namely Pitch, Pulse Width, FAT, and TVA (for analog type), or Pitch, Time, Formant, TVA (for PCM type), and one LFO, they themselves have the functionality of a synthesizer.

Analog type:
The powerful analog modeling sound generator creates a waveform by internal calculations, and is great for creating unique tonal changes, such as adding fatness or more of an edge to your sound.

PCM type:
In addition to the conventional PCM sound processing, the PCM oscillators provide VariPhrase functionality. You can change the waveform playback speed in the forward or reverse directions. Approximately 300 different preset waveforms are built-in.

External input type:
You can use audio signal that you get from the analog or digital input as a waveform in real time, without sampling it.


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