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Synthesizer Keyboard

Q.I find COSM1 and COSM2 in the structure of a patch. What is COSM?

A.COSM stands for Composite Object Sound Modeling. This is Roland's original technology to create brand new sound. You can create unexplored sound using COSM that could never be achieved with conventional synthesizers. In addition to the normal TVF, COSM1 and COSM2 of the V-Synth can be applied to create unique modulation effects such as

  • Side Band filter --- By boosting the fundamental and overtones, you can apply a pitch to unpitched input sounds such as a noise or a drum phrase, and also give sounds a metallic resonance, too.

  • Others: Resonator to add the body resonances of a musical instrument, Amp modeling to simulate famous classic guitar amplifiers, Lo-fi processor to create lo-fi sounds.

Since the above effects are independent for each voice, you can play chords while preserving the sense of pitch. You can also assign a different effect to each voice, resulting in very elaborate and unique sounds.


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