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Synthesizer Keyboard

Q.What is the resampling function of the V-Synth? Why would I use it?

A.The V-Synth is able to resample sounds from its internal memory. This is called resampling. In actuality, the same sounds that are output from the rear panel MAIN OUT L(MONO), R jacks are sampled.

Benefits of resampling:

  1. You could make complicated and elaborated sound synthesis by applying the modulation and effect processing to a sound and then applying a different set of effects and modulation to the resampled version of the sound.
  2. You could sample multiple samples played simultaneously, and record them as a single sample. You can conserve voices in this way.
  3. You could sample a phrase using arpeggiator, or a passage you played with modulation using D Beam controller and/or Time Trip Pad, and record it as a single sample. You can play it as a single phrase.

Because resampling is done within the digital domain, there is no loss of sound quality.


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