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Synthesizer Keyboard

Q.What is the USB port used for on the V-Synth?

A.The V-Synth has two modes of USB functionality: storage mode for transferring files, and MIDI mode for sending and receiving MIDI messages. Each mode can be used with the following operating systems.

Windows XP/2000/Me
or later
Windows 98/98SENoYes
Mac OS 9 (9.04 or later)YesYes
Mac OS XYesNo

NOTE: You must switch between these two modes on the V-Synth; they cannot be used simultaneously.

By connecting the V-Synth with your computer via a USB cable, you can transfer files such as projects, patches, and wave data from internal memory or a PC card to and from the hard disk or other media of your computer, in order to back up your data. You can use software on your computer to edit wave data you've created on the V-Synth. Conversely, wave data that you've created on your computer can be used on the V-Synth.

In this way, USB Storage mode lets you transfer files such as patch and waves to or from a connected computer.

When the V-Synth being connected with the computer, you can see the V-Synth as a drive in the PC's monitor screen. So you can drag and drop the files of the V-Synth just as you would any other computer files.

NOTE: Never connect or disconnect the USB cable or turn off the power while in USB mode or while data is being transferred.

The USB port can also be used for direct MIDI communication between the PC and the V-Synth. No MIDI interface is required.


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