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Synthesizer Keyboard

Q.What is the D Beam controller?

The D Beam controller can be used simply by waving your hand over it. It can be used to apply various effects, depending on the function that is assigned to it. You can also create effects in which the sound changes instantaneously, in a way that would not be possible by operating a knob or the bender lever.

There are two independent infrared sensors named "BEAM-L" and "BEAM-R" on the panel as the D Beam controller. You can change the control value by waving your hand up and down in the usable range over the sensors.

The D Beam controller has four dedicated buttons to select the effect to be applied at one touch.


By turning [ASSIGNABLE] on, you can apply the effect that is specified by each patch. In this case, however, unlike the other three functions, simply pressing the button to turn it on will not apply an effect. You will also need to make matrix control settings. (Some of the Preset Patches have been applied effects by making matrix control settings.)

Set the matrix control Source to "BEAM-L" or "BEAM-R," and specify the parameter to be controlled in Destination. For details on these settings, refer to "Matrix Ctrl" in the Owner's Manual.


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