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Synthesizer Keyboard

Q.What is the Time Trip function of the V-Synth?

One of the advantages of VariPhrase is that the playback location and speed of the wave can be changed in real-time. The Time Trip function takes advantage of this ability to manually control the playback location and speed of the wave.

In patches that use VariPhrase, switch the Time Trip Pad function to "TIME TRIP" to use this function. While playing the keyboard, touch the Time Trip pad and the currently sounding wave will stop at the current playback location. Then as you move your finger from that point in a circle, the wave playback will advance in the direction of conventional playback (clockwise), or the reverse (counterclockwise). Unlike "scratching" on a turntable, this lets you control the playback without affecting the pitch, so you can play the sound at the pitch you specify from the keyboard.

You can use the D Beam controller to produce similar results.


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