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Synthesizer Keyboard

Q.What is VariPhrase?


VariPhrase has the following advantages:

  1. Capable of changing the pitch, rate of time expansion/compression and voice characteristics (formant) on a real-time basis.
  2. Allows easy synchronization to tempo and pitch.
  3. A single sample covers an extended range of keys compared to conventional digital samplers.
  4. Retains sound quality, while implementing the above three advantages. VariPhrase overcomes many problems that conventional samplers and digital recorders have with audio phrases.

Typical issues with Digital Samplers and Digital recorders

  • Changing tempo affects Pitch.
  • Changing the pitch of phrases affects tempo and formant of the sound.
  • Limited control of audio phrases. You cannot adjust a partial section of a sound in real-time.
  • Most samplers require multiple samples over limited key ranges for realistic playback of a sound.
  • Samples of the same tempo must be available for performing chords, otherwise the notes of the chord will be out of sync.
  • Pitch or tempo changes on Digital samplers tends to degrade audio quality.
  • VariPhrase solves all of these problems.


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