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V-Synth XT

Synthesizer Sound Module

Q.Which brands of CompactFlash cards and PC card adaptors are compatible with the V-Synth XT?


The V-Synth XT features a PC card slot for flash memory expansion. Compact Flash (CF) cards can be used in the PC card slot when installed in an optional CF-to-PC card adaptor.

(Note: Though not covered in this document, SmartMedia cards can also be used when installed in an optional SmartMedia-to-PC card adaptor.)

Table 1 and Table 2 shows the currently available CompactFlash cards and PC card adaptors that Roland has tested for compatibility with the V-Synth XT.

We have observed random read and write errors when the PC card adaptors listed in Table 3 were used in the V-Synth XT with the compatible CF cards from Table 1. Although in many instances these adaptors functioned properly, we cannot verify the cause of the random errors. Therefore, we do not officially recommend the Table 3 adaptors at this time.

    Important Notes:
  • This FAQ does NOT guarantee that all the CF cards and PC card adaptors listed as compatible in the above tables will work properly with the V-Synth XT. A CF card listed in the Compatible CF Cards Table may possibly not function because of electronic design variations in the memory itself or the conditions of usage.
  • All compatibility testing was done in Japan, using CF cards and PC card adaptors available to the Japanese market. As such, be advised that the listed CF cards and PC card adaptors may not be available outside of Japan.


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