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Synthesizer Keyboard

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Q.How can I restore the factory settings of the V-Synth ?


This restores all data in the V-Synth to the factory-set ・・・

Q.I installed the driver in my Macintosh, but an error massage saying "Unable to use the function extension” appeared.


When the OS X driver included with your product is installed ・・・

Q.What is the V-Link function ?


V-LINK is Roland's original function that links music and ・・・

Q.How do I play the demo songs on the V-Synth?


The V-Synth contains demonstration ("demo") songs that you can ・・・

Q.What is the structure of each oscillator of the V-Synth?


The V-Synth's structure as a sound module consists of OSC1, ・・・

Q.I find COSM1 and COSM2 in the structure of a patch. What is COSM?


COSM stands for Composite Object Sound Modeling. ・・・

Q.What is the resampling function of the V-Synth? Why would I use it?


The V-Synth is able to resample sounds from its internal ・・・

Q.What is the USB port used for on the V-Synth?


The V-Synth has two modes of USB functionality: storage mode ・・・

Q.What kinds of audio file can be loaded on the V-Synth as a sampler?


WAV/AIFF format audio files created by another device can be ・・・

Q.What is the D Beam controller?


The D Beam controller can be used simply by waving your ・・・

Q.What is the Time Trip function of the V-Synth?


One of the advantages of VariPhrase is that the playback ・・・

Q.What is VariPhrase?


VariPhrase has the following advantages: Capable of ・・・

Q.When I connect my computer via USB to a product such as the Fantom-X6, can I format its user or card memory, optimize the memory, or perform operations such as "scan disk" from the computer?


No, you cannot perform such operations from your computer via ・・・

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