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Video Mix/Live Switcher

Q.Can I display the child window of the Picture-in-Picture function for V-440HD in two HD output screens?

A.You can use the Picture-in-Picture function in both of the SD section and HD/RGB section to display two child windows.
Follow the procedure below.

 1. Do not input a video signal to one of the channels in the SD section to display the black background.
    This black image is the background for the two screen.
 2. Select the channel with the black background using the A-BUS channel button.
 3. Select the first of the two videos using the B-BUS channel button.
 4. Turn the video fader to the A-BUS side.
 5. Press any of the P in P PATTERN buttons for the SD section. The button pressed in Step 3 blinks.
    This indicates that the P in P effect is applied to the video corresponding to the blinking button.
 6. Turn the video fader to the B-BUS side.
 7. Select A/B using the C-BUS channel button. Turn the video fader for the HD/RGB section to the C-BUS side.
 8. Select the second of the two videos using the D-BUS channel button.
 9. Press any of the PinP PATTERN buttons for the HD/RGB section and turn the video fader to the D-BUS side.
 10. The two child windows are displayed on the black back ground.
    Adjust the position and size of the first child window in the SD section and those of the second child window in the HD/RGB section.

 * Note
 You cannot create two child windows from a single video signal for the SD section or HD/RGB section.


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