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Video Mixer

Q.How can I change the size and position of the child screen of the Picture-in-Picture function?

A.Follow the procedure below.

   1. Press the effect button to which the Picture-in-Picture function is assigned to show the child screen.
   2. Press the [Output] button of the preview select button to show the menu screen on the monitor.
   3. Press the [Menu] button.
   4. Press the cursor buttons to select any of "PinP1 Setup" to "PinP8 Setup" and press the [Enter] button. Select the figure same as the figure of the memory dial currently selected.
   5. The Picture-in-Picture parameters are displayed. Select a parameter to set and press the [Enter] button. Set the size by "4: 3HVsize", vertical position by "VPosi", and horizontal position by "HPosi".
   6. Press the cursor buttons to adjust the parameter value.
   7. After you made setting, press the [Menu] button to return to the previous screen.


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