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Video Mixer

Q.Which buttons and dials can I control from an external MIDI device?

A.You can control the following buttons and dials from an external MIDI device:

    * Channel A/B switch button
    * Effect buttons 1 to 4 for channel A
    * Effect buttons 1 to 4 for channel B
    * TRANSITION button
    * TRANSFORMER buttons A and B
    * video fader
    * BPM/SYNC button
    * Transition time
    * Output fader

Assign these buttons and dials to control changes 1 to 95 on the menu screen. When V-4 receives a control change, it executes the corresponding button or dial function just as the button or dial itself has been operated.

* By connecting a V-Link-enabled Roland device and enabling the V-Link function, these settings are automatically done.


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