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USB MIDI Interface

Q.What is the purpose of the THRU function provided on the UM-1EX and UM-3EX?

A.The setting of the THRU switch on the UM-1EX/UM-3EX USB MIDI Interface determines how MIDI data is transmitted when a MIDI keyboard and MIDI sound module are connected.

When the THRU switch is ON, messages arriving at the MIDI IN jack will be passed directly to the MIDI OUT jack. This allows you to play the MIDI sound module from the MIDI keyboard even when the computer is powered off. (Even if the computer is powered on, no MIDI data is transmitted to the computer when THRU is ON.)

When the THRU switch is OFF, MIDI data received at the UM-1EX/UM-3EX MIDI IN jack is transmitted to the computer. The computer is then responsible for sending data to the MIDI OUT jack. This is the normal setting when using the UM-1EX/UM-3EX with a software sequencer or software instrument.

The purpose of the THRU function is to allow you to use your MIDI devices with or without the computer, without having to manually reconfigure your setup. If there were no THRU function, you'd have to physically reconfigure your MIDI cable connections for each playing scenario.


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