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2-IN/2-OUT USB MIDI Interface

Q.On Mac OS X, I can't use my Roland USB MIDI device simultaneously with the E-magic amt-8 or unitor-8.

A.You can solve this problem by installing the Unitor series drive (version 1.5) from the Emagic website.

The symptom of this problem is that you will see a message saying, "MIDI settings are empty" in the [MIDI Devices] tab in which the device name is usually shown in the Mac OS X Audio MIDI settings window. (This problem does not occur when each device is started up alone.) Roland has confirmed this problem with the following computer models.

Power Mac G4 1 GHz single processor (Mirrored Driver)

This problem will occur when the MIDI Server of the operating system crashes for some reason with the combination of the amt-8 or unitor-8, the Roland USB MIDI Driver, and Mac OS X, resulting in the system failing and not recognizing the MIDI device.
However, the device will be recognized correctly after you use the following procedure.

    Power-on your Roland USB MIDI device.
  1. Open the Audio MIDI Settings window, and click the [MIDI Devices] tab.
  2. (With the Audio MIDI Settings window left open) power-on the amt-8 or unitor-8.
  3. In the Audio MIDI Settings window, both the Roland USB MIDI device and the amt-8 or unitor-8 will be detected.
  4. With the Audio MIDI Settings window left open, start up your sequencer software.


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