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24-bit/96kHz USB Audio Interface

Q.How do I set my Roland editor software to communicate with my keyboard/sound module so that I can edit sounds from the PC?


Many Roland keyboards and sound modules come with product-specific editor software allowing you to edit their sounds from a PC. After installing the software and connecting your keyboard/sound module to the PC (depending on your product, this will be via a USB or serial connection, or a MIDI interface), you'll need to set the editor software to communicate with the connected device. The following description uses the XV-2020 Editor as an example.

Open the editor application, then click the [Settings (S)] menu and choose [MIDI Device Settings (S)] to open the MIDI Device Settings window.

In this window, make the following settings:

Input Output
XV-2020 Roland XV-2020 Roland XV-2020
Through * Roland XV-2020

In the XV-2020 field, choose Roland XV-2020 for both Input and Output.
In the Through field, set the Input column to the MIDI interface to which your keyboard's MIDI OUT is connected (e.g., UA-20 MIDI IN), and set the Output column to Roland XV-2020.


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