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USB Audio/MIDI Interface

Q.What type of mic input jack is provided on the UA-4FX?

A.The UA-4FX is equipped with the following three types of mic input jacks.

  • Phone-type GUITAR/MIC input jack
    This unbalanced jack allows for the connection of either a guitar or microphone. Set the input select switch to the appropriate setting (GUITAR or MIC).
  • Mini-type MIC (PLUG-IN POWERED) input jack
    This unbalanced jack provides a 3.3 V power supply, allowing you to power a miniature condenser mic compatible with plug-in power.
  • XLR-type MIC input jack
    This jack can be used with either balanced or unbalanced microphones. Additionally, it can provide +48 V phantom power to condenser mics that require it. (To enable phantom power, turn on the 48 V PHANTOM switch located on the bottom of the UA-4FX.)

Only one of the three input jacks can be used at a time. Use the GUITAR/MIC volume knob to adjust the input volume of a connected microphone or guitar.


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