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USB Audio/MIDI Interface

Q.In what areas is the UA-4FX improved over the UA-3FX?

A.The UA-4FX has been improved over the UA-3FX in the following areas:


Signal Processing24 bits**124 bits**1
Sampling Frequency44.1/48/96KHz**244.1/48/96KHz**2
Number of Simultareous In/Out1 line stereo1 line stereo**3
XLR InputYes (1)No
Guitar/Mic InputYes (1)Yes (1)
Mic Input(Plug in Powered)Yes (1)Yes (1)
Line InputYes (Stereo×1)Yes (Stereo×1)
Digital Input(Optical)Yes (1)Yes (1)
MIDI InputYes (1)No
Line OutputYes (Stereo×1)Yes (Stereo×1)
Digital Output(Optical)Yes (1)Yes (1)
MIDI OutputYes (1)No
HeadphonesYes (Stereo 1/4" phone jacks × 1)Yes (Stereo mini×1)
Number of Effects12 for 3 lines**411 for 3 lines
Tube Amp Simulator(COSM)Yes No
  1. For the UA-4FX, when using the OS standard driver, the sample bit depth will be 16-bit.
    The UA-3FX can operate in 24-bit on Windows XP and Mac OS X, but not the UA-4FX.
  2. Fixed at 44.1 kHz when using the OS standard driver.
  3. Simultaneous recording and playback is not possible at 96 kHz.
  4. With some additions and changes in effect algorithm.


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